Web and Application Design as Public Pedagogy

In order to adapt the assignment from a traditional unit of study to one that is suitable for generating awareness about accessibility with online resources in the workplace, I’m going to take the outline from the assignment and reconfigure it so that it becomes part performance, part demonstration, and part activity. The goal of the activity is to use an action-based activity with one or more currently running projects that are familiar to people on my team and generate a new perspective or understanding about the educational resources that are built at the university level. At times we are more apt to build for ourselves than for others. If education is the goal, then our processes and outlook needs to be changed.

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Performed Networks of Relations

My idea for performing/creating something in my everyday environment that calls attention to the everyday scene or routine in a new way, is inspired by Janie Leck-Grela’s blog post on yarn bombing, Deb Ryland’s blog post on culture and reality TV, and Lindsay Bayer’s blog post on personal space and objects. The idea is to engage people without disabilities and create awareness about people with certain disabilities (such as color blindness, low or lack of vision, and mobility) and how they access and consume information via the internet. The goal is to bring to light how our actions in building online educational resources can have a direct impact or be an impediment for others. Hopefully it will generate enough awareness about culture, ourselves and the connectedness to others, and how objects and information can be understood in different ways.

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Mindset of a Web Design and Illustration Past

I have relics. It’s that simple. Relics in terms of mindset and how I work and use equipment. My personal philosophy is never buy anything from Apple at full price and buy a version behind. My personal and professional philosophy has been to buy as big and fast as you can, so you’re not annoyed with the “beach ball of death” when working in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. And large, honking machines meant G5 towers and 8-12 GBs of memory and 2 large monitors. Command central for my web design and illustration awesomeness.

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Web 2011 @ Penn State

Penn State’s Web Conference needed a boost when it came to their information architecture, strategy, and design to better align the web site and other online resources with the overall conference experience. I worked closely with two team members to develop the information architecture, strategy, and site design. I implemented the final look-and-feel using a modification of the Zen theme for Drupal

Green Laptops

In order to put together some concepts about “green” technologies for a client without mentioning brand names, I took some of their popular products and constructed images from photographs of leaves, trees, rocks, sky, etc. This image represents laptop computers that use more environmentally friendly components and manufacturing and power consumption.

My Favorite New Tool

My favorite new tool is an automatic pencil sharpener. Yup that’s right, a pencil sharpener. It’s really not even new, as an invention or in terms of model, but it’s new to me. It’s vintage with a faux wood grain around the barrel that holds the mechanisms and batteries with a beautiful guilloches pattern on the top. The top is clear plastic and holds the shavings and houses the blade. Around the top part that spins and sharpens your pencil are the words,”Press Gently.” Words of wisdom both for the act of sharpening and for sketching.

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