Web and Application Design as Public Pedagogy

In order to adapt the assignment from a traditional unit of study to one that is suitable for generating awareness about accessibility with online resources in the workplace, I’m going to take the outline from the assignment and reconfigure it so that it becomes part performance, part demonstration, and part activity. The goal of the activity is to use an action-based activity with one or more currently running projects that are familiar to people on my team and generate a new perspective or understanding about the educational resources that are built at the university level. At times we are more apt to build for ourselves than for others. If education is the goal, then our processes and outlook needs to be changed.

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Web 2011 @ Penn State

Penn State’s Web Conference needed a boost when it came to their information architecture, strategy, and design to better align the web site and other online resources with the overall conference experience. I worked closely with two team members to develop the information architecture, strategy, and site design. I implemented the final look-and-feel using a modification of the Zen theme for Drupal

Green Laptops

In order to put together some concepts about “green” technologies for a client without mentioning brand names, I took some of their popular products and constructed images from photographs of leaves, trees, rocks, sky, etc. This image represents laptop computers that use more environmentally friendly components and manufacturing and power consumption.

The Laboratory for Public Scholarship and Democracy

The Laboratory for Public Scholarship and Democracy is a program of Penn State’s Office of Undergraduate Education that facilitates public scholarship through its support and administration of the Intercollege Minor in Civic and Community Engagement, the Public Scholarship Associates, Public Scholarship Course Development Grants, Public Scholarship Seminars, and other initiatives, publications, and programs. Continue reading The Laboratory for Public Scholarship and Democracy


Penn State’s WebMail is a web-based e-mail client that provides Penn State faculty, staff, and students with anytime, anywhere access to their Penn State email via a web browser. I worked with Academic Services and Emerging Technologies (ASET) in the development of the look-and-feel of their interface graphics, layout, and design of the mail program’s home page.

My Role

  • Concept
  • Visual Design