Informal Learning in Art Education Task Challenge

Using inquiry as a method of learning “creates a motivation to learn and provides a set of constraints that make the learning meaningful” and produces a whole range of experiences (Learning as Inquiry, paragraph 4 and 5). By asking questions and following those questions to other questions, one can move not only through a certain subject but across subjects. Inquiry as a learning method isn’t about explicit knowledge that can be transferred and assessed, it is “instead an act of imagination” (Learning as Inquiry, paragraph 5). The use of imagination and relying on tacit knowledge allows one to go “deeper into the process of inquiry” (Learning as Inquiry, paragraph 8).

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Visual Culture and Identity Syllabi

I’ve put together a list of syllabi regarding visual culture and identity based on my interests in the topics that encompass visual culture and identity in the digital age, new media, design research, and branding that explore both personal and organizational identities in visual culture.

  • Matteo Bittanti: Introduction to Visual Studies

    Course focuses on theoretical and practical study of Visual Culture and includes the effects of consumer culture on our habits and surroundings; the impact of communication technologies such as the internet, smartphones, and television on our understanding of the world; the question of identity in subcultures as it is expressed in visual media; the effect of the politics of art production, display, and criticism on contemporary artists.

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Web and Application Design as Public Pedagogy

In order to adapt the assignment from a traditional unit of study to one that is suitable for generating awareness about accessibility with online resources in the workplace, I’m going to take the outline from the assignment and reconfigure it so that it becomes part performance, part demonstration, and part activity. The goal of the activity is to use an action-based activity with one or more currently running projects that are familiar to people on my team and generate a new perspective or understanding about the educational resources that are built at the university level. At times we are more apt to build for ourselves than for others. If education is the goal, then our processes and outlook needs to be changed.

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My Favorite New Tool

My favorite new tool is an automatic pencil sharpener. Yup that’s right, a pencil sharpener. It’s really not even new, as an invention or in terms of model, but it’s new to me. It’s vintage with a faux wood grain around the barrel that holds the mechanisms and batteries with a beautiful guilloches pattern on the top. The top is clear plastic and holds the shavings and houses the blade. Around the top part that spins and sharpens your pencil are the words,”Press Gently.” Words of wisdom both for the act of sharpening and for sketching.

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Wishing for that Analog Feeling on a Graphics Tablet

First let me just say that I absolutely love using my graphics tablet for work and play. Using the digital pen instead of a mouse is absolutely ideal for the type of work that I do and because of my background in art it’s a "natural" fit. I have it mapped so that there is a one-to-one relationship between where I point the pen on the graphics tablet and where my cursor is on the screen. It is superior to the frustrating scrubbing that is so common with using a mouse.

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