Informal Learning in Art Education Task Challenge

Using inquiry as a method of learning “creates a motivation to learn and provides a set of constraints that make the learning meaningful” and produces a whole range of experiences (Learning as Inquiry, paragraph 4 and 5). By asking questions and following those questions to other questions, one can move not only through a certain subject but across subjects. Inquiry as a learning method isn’t about explicit knowledge that can be transferred and assessed, it is “instead an act of imagination” (Learning as Inquiry, paragraph 5). The use of imagination and relying on tacit knowledge allows one to go “deeper into the process of inquiry” (Learning as Inquiry, paragraph 8).

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Online Literacy: Art of the Title

Art of the Title is an online showcase and community site for people who are interested in and work on title sequences for television, film, web, conferences, and video games. At Art of the Title, they “honor the creators and innovators who contribute to the field, discussing and displaying their work with a desire to explicate, facilitate, and instigate.”

When visitors first come to the site’s home page, which isn’t the only way to access the site, they are presented with the name and logo of the site at the top followed by navigational aids for title sequences, designers and studios, search, and ways to access their social media through hyperlinked icons. The body of the home page has the latest featured title sequence and/or interview of someone in the industry and the most recent articles about the domain underneath. In the footer of the web site, a person can also access additional navigational aids for information about the site, news title sequences, features, designers, studios, and sponsorship. The format of the home page and the most recent articles is a combination of linked images and text about the particular title sequence or interview.

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