Mindset of a Web Design and Illustration Past

I have relics. It’s that simple. Relics in terms of mindset and how I work and use equipment. My personal philosophy is never buy anything from Apple at full price and buy a version behind. My personal and professional philosophy has been to buy as big and fast as you can, so you’re not annoyed with the “beach ball of death” when working in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. And large, honking machines meant G5 towers and 8-12 GBs of memory and 2 large monitors. Command central for my web design and illustration awesomeness.

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Green Laptops

In order to put together some concepts about “green” technologies for a client without mentioning brand names, I took some of their popular products and constructed images from photographs of leaves, trees, rocks, sky, etc. This image represents laptop computers that use more environmentally friendly components and manufacturing and power consumption.

Wishing for that Analog Feeling on a Graphics Tablet

First let me just say that I absolutely love using my graphics tablet for work and play. Using the digital pen instead of a mouse is absolutely ideal for the type of work that I do and because of my background in art it’s a "natural" fit. I have it mapped so that there is a one-to-one relationship between where I point the pen on the graphics tablet and where my cursor is on the screen. It is superior to the frustrating scrubbing that is so common with using a mouse.

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Penn State’s WebMail is a web-based e-mail client that provides Penn State faculty, staff, and students with anytime, anywhere access to their Penn State email via a web browser. I worked with Academic Services and Emerging Technologies (ASET) in the development of the look-and-feel of their interface graphics, layout, and design of the mail program’s home page.

My Role

  • Concept
  • Visual Design

Penn State Portal

The Penn State Portal is a personalized view of University and internet resources. Similar to My Netscape or My Yahoo!, the Penn State Portal lets you collect all of your favorite content in one place. You decide what you want to see and how you want to see it by editing the customizable web page channels and channel content. I was asked to develop headers and color schemes for users to personalize their experience. Two concepts were created to support a Penn State theme and one that fit with the personalized experience of community and information. The honeycomb theme was developed to mirror the community aspect and the efficient use of space that the honeycomb design achieves.

The headers shown here are just a few examples of many that users can choose from in the options panel.

My Role

  • Concepts
  • Visual Design
  • Graphic Resources


The MechANEX project was a grant funded project to design and implement simulation software for an engineering lab at Penn State. The goal was to create a series of simulations to teach students about certain concepts such as friction and tolerance, so that they could experiment digitally to learn the concepts and then apply them in a physical lab. I worked with faculty, programmers, and instructional designers to take schematics and translate them into graphics for the software.

My Role

  • Visual Design
  • Interface Graphics

One Burger Heads to the Boneyard

I‘m sure that I’m not the only one that has a whole digital box full of illustrations, graphics, mock-ups, ideas, etc. that just didn’t reach their full potential. Whether the idea itself was left to die in a cruel game of the majority rules or the shift of a project changed focus, we as design people go through a lot of iterations and create a lot of digital assets. I’ve had various versions of a blog and my intent was to allow those things to live on and/or be memorialized in the digital universe. So it is my intent here to let this burger live. It may not have the meltiest cheese or the correct arrangement or shaped sesame seeds, but it’s my rendition of a double quarter pounder with cheese.

God speed my tasty, vectorized burger.

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