Web 2011 @ Penn State

Penn State’s Web Conference needed a boost when it came to their information architecture, strategy, and design to better align the web site and other online resources with the overall conference experience. I worked closely with two team members to develop the information architecture, strategy, and site design. I implemented the final look-and-feel using a modification of the Zen theme for Drupal

The Laboratory for Public Scholarship and Democracy

The Laboratory for Public Scholarship and Democracy is a program of Penn State’s Office of Undergraduate Education that facilitates public scholarship through its support and administration of the Intercollege Minor in Civic and Community Engagement, the Public Scholarship Associates, Public Scholarship Course Development Grants, Public Scholarship Seminars, and other initiatives, publications, and programs. Continue reading The Laboratory for Public Scholarship and Democracy

University Bulletin

The University Bulletin, which is comprised of the Bluebook and the Whitebook, is the official bulletin of The Pennsylvania State University. The Bluebook is the Undergraduate Degree Programs Bulletin and the Whitebook is the Graduate Degree Programs Bulletin. Penn State is no longer printing paper copies of the University Bulletin and this Web site serves as the up-to-date resource for course information and degree programs. The front-end uses XHTML templates and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and the back-end is Adobe ColdFusion. My role concentrated solely on the front-end and a fellow team member entirely created the back-end functionality.

Cynthia Nixon Art

Cynthia Nixon is a contemporary American artist whose mixed-media work combines figurative painting, gold leaf and embroidery. She was looking for an easy-to-use Web site that focused on her work and allowed individuals to explore her mixed media work and find out more about her. Cynthia and I worked together to develop the information architecture of the site, navigational elements that helps a user locate themselves within the site, and it’s trim layout. The site is developed with straight forward XHTML and CSS.