Music is the Motivator

Doing what you gotta do takes a lot of work. No brainer, right? Doing what you gotta do is an intellectual, emotional, and physical activity. It can at times drain you and at times inspire you. It happens at work, it happens at home, it happens when you’re with family and friends. What’s the thing that helps you get it done? What’s the thing that helps to keep things moving?

For me, music is the motivator. Music helps me get stuff done around the house, write and edit and debug code, travel long distances, run more than two miles, or erase whatever negativity is hanging around in my brain. Continue reading Music is the Motivator

Green Laptops

In order to put together some concepts about “green” technologies for a client without mentioning brand names, I took some of their popular products and constructed images from photographs of leaves, trees, rocks, sky, etc. This image represents laptop computers that use more environmentally friendly components and manufacturing and power consumption.

Identity and Access Management

The Identity and Access Management (IAM) initiative formed to address the need for a cohesive and comprehensive identity and access management strategy for Penn State. This group, comprised of 30 individuals who span many administrative areas at the University, has an understanding of digital identities, knowledge of business processes in their respective areas, and an eagerness to collaborate in finding a solution that will provide a strategic direction for Penn State and IT. I was approached to provide the group with a custom slide deck for presentations and a motion graphics video that is based on the key elements of identity and access management.

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