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Informal Learning in Art Education Task Challenge

Using inquiry as a method of learning “creates a motivation to learn and provides a set of constraints that make the learning meaningful” and produces a whole range of experiences (Learning as Inquiry, paragraph 4 and 5). By asking questions and following those questions to other questions, one can move not only through a certain… Read more »

The Andy Warhol Museum as an Informal Learning Space

In 2002 my wife and I visited The Andy Warhol Museum and our intention of visiting the museum was basically to have an experience. We were in Pittsburgh, PA and we wanted to soak up as much of the city as we possibly could while we were there. We were tourists seeking food, beer, art,… Read more »

Three Primary Visual Culture Sites and Artsonia

Artsonia is “the largest student art museum in the world” or so it says on its web site. It is a place for students, parents, and teachers to upload student artwork to share their creations with a wide online audience, establish a fan club, interact with other students, teachers, and parents, and sell products with… Read more »

Questioning the Use of Questions

In reading Burnham and Kai-Kee’s chapter Questioning the Use of Questions (Teaching in the Art Museum: Interpretation as Experience, J. Paul Getty Trust, 2011) it doesn’t seem like there is much value in purposefully asking questions in a predetermined manner in museum teaching. It seems that questions should be treated “critically” and with “caution,” that… Read more »

Learning is Learning

My cat Ellie sitting in front of my laptop obviously working in Photoshop.

The title of this blog post pretty much sums up my feelings about the definitions of learning (formal, informal, non-formal, semi-formal) that I have read so far and is one of the main points for me in reading Anne Kahr-Højland’s article The ‘Personal Exhibition’ as an Educational Tool in a Semi-Formal Learning Setting (Caught in… Read more »

Visual Culture and Identity Syllabi

Tiny Buddha, Tiny Pencil

I’ve put together a list of syllabi regarding visual culture and identity based on my interests in the topics that encompass visual culture and identity in the digital age, new media, design research, and branding that explore both personal and organizational identities in visual culture. Matteo Bittanti: Introduction to Visual Studies Course focuses on theoretical… Read more »

Online Literacy: Art of the Title

Art of the Title is an online showcase and community site for people who are interested in and work on title sequences for television, film, web, conferences, and video games. At Art of the Title, they “honor the creators and innovators who contribute to the field, discussing and displaying their work with a desire to… Read more »

Twitter-verse for User Experience and EdTech

Cursor Path from One Work Day

Here’s a quick list of 10 people or organizations who I follow for topics related to user experience and educational technology. The following individuals and organizations fit within what I hope to accomplish with this semester’s informal learning project for A ED 814 Informal Learning at Penn State. It’s my intention at this point in… Read more »

Informal Learning

My dog Malachi walking upstream through Spring Creek surrounded by trees.

Learning for me is both in and outside of a classroom and they are intertwined with experience and living. I have worked on projects both for residential instruction and elearning at Penn State in the formal definition of education. Learning, however, doesn’t have walls and we need to recognize that all of our interactions with… Read more »

Web and Application Design as Public Pedagogy

In order to adapt the assignment from a traditional unit of study to one that is suitable for generating awareness about accessibility with online resources in the workplace, I’m going to take the outline from the assignment and reconfigure it so that it becomes part performance, part demonstration, and part activity. The goal of the… Read more »