Pencil Sharpener

My Favorite New Tool

My favorite new tool is an automatic pencil sharpener. Yup that’s right, a pencil sharpener. It’s really not even new, as an invention or in terms of model, but it’s new to me. It’s vintage with a faux wood grain around the barrel that holds the mechanisms and batteries with a beautiful guilloches pattern on the top. The top is clear plastic and holds the shavings and houses the blade. Around the top part that spins and sharpens your pencil are the words,”Press Gently.” Words of wisdom both for the act of sharpening and for sketching.

It’s my favorite new tool because I like to use pencil and paper to sketch my storyboards. For me the process is rapid and imbued with a sense of touch and feedback that I just can’t get from a graphics tablet and computer. I don’t have to worry about anchor points or bezier curves or selecting the pen tool again to move to a new line or object. I just draw. I just draw like I do with a fine point marker and a notebook for thumbnail sketches and ideas. Radical.

3 thoughts on “My Favorite New Tool”

  1. Mine’s a mechanical pencil. 5mm lead. 2B, not the standard hard clay HB and 2H crap. So satisfying… A bit high tech, I know but consider drawing when the power goes out.

  2. Another important choice then is the type of eraser you use. There are definitely high end to low end in that category as well!

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