Collection Icon

Concept graphic to replace an icon font that we currently use as our default icon for collections. I’ve used the most commonly deposited file types (text, photo, spreadsheets, zip files, databases, and movies) as my inspiration for the new collection icon.

ScholarSphere Home Page Graphic

Home page graphic concept for ScholarSphere with marketing text, call-to-action button, and collage assembled with research images from the repositories. We asked each researcher if we could use their images for a collage on the home page.

ScholarSphere New User Dashboard

Previously ScholarSphere users weren’t redirected to a dashboard or start page where they could easily perform actions and it created a lot of confusion. This new user dashboard pulls a lot of functionality hidden in other sections to the front and puts the main actions right on top for users uploading files and creating collections.

Online Geospatial Education Program Office

Banner graphic for the Online Geospatial Education Program Office from 2013. The goal was to graphically represent core ideas from the program simply and layer the information in a responsive image for multiple devices.

Digital Library Technologies Slide Graphic

Concept for a slide deck graphic regarding desktops, services, and computer locations for Digital Library Technologies at Penn State from 2010.